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Kanye West Sued For Sampling…?

Kanye West has been sued for sampling the Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s “Bound (To Love)”.   The lawsuit was brought on by Ricky Spicer, the lead singer of the Ponderosa Twins crew.  Although the song was written by Bobby Massey and Bobby Dukes, according to the Cleveland Challenger, the publishing rights …

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Secret Beat Submission Update!!!!!!

First off, I’d like to thank all of you who sent in beats for the secret beat submission opportunity.  Second off, I’m ashamed at how few of you actually sent beats.  I expected to at least get as many people as are downloading Saturday Morning Samples…   To the ones …

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Jim Bond Takes Over!

I (Jim Bond) am now officially the new owner and site runner of We sell great drum sounds & we do it well. I invite you to check out the site and look around a bit. We are starting out with 3 new GREAT lines of drum kits. We …

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