Submit Your Beats To Juelz Santana…

Here is a nice fresh one for everybody…  Juelz Santana put out another call for beats a couple days ago…

A! Send the beats to [email protected] once agine only that FIREEE!!!!! SEND BEATs NOW Whooooaaaa

Make sure you only send that FIREEE!!!!!



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Jim Bond is a good dude, veteran Hip Hop producer & has been helping producers out in one way or another for over 10 years. He is also the creative mastermind behind such illustrious sites as , &!

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  1. I just love this site man. Very informative and very selfless considering the fact that you are a producer yourself.

    I just found about the site a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty dope.

    Blessings homey.

    • Thanks man. I wouldn’t exactly call it selfless though haha. I do plan to make some money off of this site eventually. But theres no reason I can’t do that while providing lots of free stuff…

  2. Yo so who is actually going to listen to the music that is being sent? I dont understand how this works. Not saying anything bad about you, but is sending my music to another producer safe. i mean this is a cut throat business and there are a lot of snakes in it. I have had beats stolen and they were cory written.

  3. If you are scared to send beats out then you did’nt do all your homework.
    If you copyright your tracks with the library of congress you have nothing to worry about.If you know like I know(there are somethings a copyright can’t protect you from anyway). Stop being so fearful. As far as the music business goes…it was cut throat back in the days of Motown and it aint ever gonna change. Don’t expect it to. I got a question for you….is it better to have hundreds of hot tracks that you never let anybody hear because you are scared of getting beat jacked……..or do you take a chance to actually possibly get placement with established industry heavyweights? It all about perspective.
    What’s yours?

    • Just was asking a simple question. I just wanted to know who would be listening to them as far as an artist, producer, A n R, etc. I’ve sent my music already so its all good. But you are right. its all about perspective.

      • That was a good important question, but never be afraid to ask. Copyright your tracks, A&R’s will listen to them or the artist (whomever is in charge of that email address), if you are contacted by someone on the artist label, I would suggest that you, first do ur hw example: know how much a track is worth before selling it etc, get everything in writing, be patient, Put God first before u make any decisions. Be confident.

        Copyright (online $35)
        Send the track (some sites allow it for free or unsolicited etc)
        Be patient (don’t rush the people, but check in after it’s been a while)
        Handle yo business 🙂


  4. I like the concept, and the site is informative, my only complaint is that the beat submission addresses do not work. are there any alternate methods to get music to these artists and/or their management?

  5. This is the most upfront contact providing website. I haven’t tried any of the emails yet, but I do know the bow address is real.

    Good job so far!

  6. dizz dinero team street proof

    im sayen whats the best thing to put over the beats so they just cant jack it with out talken to u atleast n worken something out. if u just send the raw beat whats to stop him from using it.. any one got any ideas email me [email protected]

    • Nothing really. But if you put drops on it, they can still steal it. Happened to me 3 times.

      • every artist has a beat maker in his crew. all they have to do is remake your shit and change a little bit of if an the instruments. seen it happen plenty of times before

    • Another way to get your beats heard is by entering beat battles in your town or closest city… that’s where the A&R’s go… You might think damn thats too much work or damn what if I don’t win etc… But the thing is even if you don’t win you can still hand your cd to an A&R face to face. I did it and guess what? I won 1st place and I had a meeting with Riggs Morales Sr Director of A&R at Shady Records in NYC… He is the dude that signed 50 cent……….. Come on people you need to put in hard work like it’s your job if you wanna make a living of making music. And trust me, it is very intimidating when you think about how many people are in the world doing the same exact thing. Well I have that fear sometimes but I keep grinding keep makin YouTube videos getting thousands of views, I keep making non stop crack in the studio… I won’t put anything out thats not crazy. I have been going so hard the past 4 minths and I’ve been making music for over 11 years now and I am finally making b.ig moves. It takes time but you cant give up. Do what i say make a demo go to beat battles, nightclubs, bars, talent shows, anything to promote your music. I swear to you it will help especially if you thInk you are good. If you don’t think you are that good, ask someone what they think. If they don’t think so, ask one more person if THEY DON’T THINK SO then maybe music isn’t your thing!!! I’m out peace -DJ Relentt google me


  7. I’m followoing your website and It looks awesome.Thank for your sharings

  8. check out my beat, khemist

  9. This Site Rocks….. Seriously


  10. please subscribe and like Amazing producer (my brother) THANKS!


    get your ears round that!


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