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BABP Secret Beat Submission!!!!!


beets 019Hey everybody. I have a GREAT opportunity for all of you. Someone contacted me today who represents a particular MC. They need BIG CINEMATIC SOUNDING BEATS. Of course I sent them some hot fire water, but they also asked that I reach out to my readership for beats as well.

Unfortunately this situation is so top secret that I absolutely cannot tell you who the MC is.  But I can promise you, that if you do place a beat with this MC, you will be forever grateful to Ol’ Jim Bond.  I can also promise this is something NOBODY who reads my site should pass up on.

If this sounds promising to you, send your beats to…

Note A: Please DO NOT ask me for feedback on these. I probably wont even be listening to them.  They are going direct to the source.

Note 2: Send ONLY YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST 3 Beats… & you better label them as described in THIS ARTICLE!!!!

Note C: If you are nervous about sending me your beats, nervous that the MC we are sending the beats to is a bum, or my word is not good enough for you to send in beats either man up and send them or sit this out like a chump on the sideline.

Note 4: Send your beats to babpsecretbeats at gmail dot calm

  • 5if

    JB watz been good my G? Itz 5if… Yo that’s a good look… And let me be da first to say… THIS DUDE JIM BOND IS LEGIT & A STRAIGHT UP DUDE!!! So if your concerned bout ya beats being snatched.. either find a different profession or just copyright em! I’m bout 2 shoot u some right now my dude..


    • Kingly_Caracter

      I don’t know Jim personally. But anyone who does what he does for the producer community is good in my book. Grimey dudes don’t give back. Plus…God is on my side 😛

      • http://www.beabetterproducer.com/ JIMBOND27

        Not saying I am grimey, but it’s impossible avoiding grimey people if you want to work in the music biz lol

  • Kingly_Caracter


  • iam4dolo

    Just sent you something bro..look out for 4dolo in ya mail

  • Blactracks

    Good looking out bro all ways passing along the love!!!!!

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com/ JIMBOND27


  • ProTrax

    Sent, Thanks for the oppurtunity.

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com/ JIMBOND27


  • http://soundcloud.com/djlizzmiribaby Lizz Miribaby

    Is there a deadline for this?

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com/ JIMBOND27

      No stated dealine, but he said ASAP. So if you don’t already have the beats, don’t bother.

      • http://soundcloud.com/djlizzmiribaby Lizz Miribaby

        Thank you.

  • anon

    Is there a submission deadline 1, and 2 do they prefer sample based or not. Preciate the heads up

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com/ JIMBOND27

      If someone doesnt say one way or the other, always send the best beats you can send.


    Thanks JB. I appreciate u babe. – V. $KILLZ “UR FAVORITE FEMALE PRODUCER”

  • teck-zilla

    I’m on this like white on rice!

  • The 6th Element

    Thanx for informing us about this opportunity, much appreciated! sent u an email with the following subject “The 6th Element – BABP Secret Beat Submission”

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