BABP Secret Beat Submission!!!!!

beets 019Hey everybody. I have a GREAT opportunity for all of you. Someone contacted me today who represents a particular MC. They need BIG CINEMATIC SOUNDING BEATS. Of course I sent them some hot fire water, but they also asked that I reach out to my readership for beats as well.

Unfortunately this situation is so top secret that I absolutely cannot tell you who the MC is.  But I can promise you, that if you do place a beat with this MC, you will be forever grateful to Ol’ Jim Bond.  I can also promise this is something NOBODY who reads my site should pass up on.

If this sounds promising to you, send your beats to…

Note A: Please DO NOT ask me for feedback on these. I probably wont even be listening to them.  They are going direct to the source.

Note 2: Send ONLY YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST 3 Beats… & you better label them as described in THIS ARTICLE!!!!

Note C: If you are nervous about sending me your beats, nervous that the MC we are sending the beats to is a bum, or my word is not good enough for you to send in beats either man up and send them or sit this out like a chump on the sideline.

Note 4: Send your beats to babpsecretbeats at gmail dot calm

About Jim Bond

Jim Bond is a good dude, veteran Hip Hop producer & has been helping producers out in one way or another for over 10 years. He is also the creative mastermind behind such illustrious sites as , &!

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  1. JB watz been good my G? Itz 5if… Yo that’s a good look… And let me be da first to say… THIS DUDE JIM BOND IS LEGIT & A STRAIGHT UP DUDE!!! So if your concerned bout ya beats being snatched.. either find a different profession or just copyright em! I’m bout 2 shoot u some right now my dude..


  2. Sent!!!

  3. Just sent you something bro..look out for 4dolo in ya mail

  4. Good looking out bro all ways passing along the love!!!!!

  5. Sent, Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  6. Is there a deadline for this?

  7. Is there a submission deadline 1, and 2 do they prefer sample based or not. Preciate the heads up


    Thanks JB. I appreciate u babe. – V. $KILLZ “UR FAVORITE FEMALE PRODUCER”

  9. I’m on this like white on rice!

  10. Thanx for informing us about this opportunity, much appreciated! sent u an email with the following subject “The 6th Element – BABP Secret Beat Submission”

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