Send your beats to Rick Ross…

Rick Ross put a call out for beats.  So get your best maybach music together and send him some beats…

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Jim Bond is a good dude, veteran Hip Hop producer & has been helping producers out in one way or another for over 10 years. He is also the creative mastermind behind such illustrious sites as , &!

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  1. Fire your producer make your own pro beats.

  2. Check out this original gangsta beat. I got Dave Chappelle comedy on the track . If you like the track, then I’ll remove the Dave Chappelle comedy so that it will be just the music track alone.

    Holla back.

  3. doc jones beats

  4. doc jones beats

    doc jones beats

  5. rat goof rick ross gon’ jack your beats.

  6. sorry i realized that it sounded negative. although i hae a huge hate on for rick ross, this is a wicked opportunity for a young producer. get crackin kiddoz!

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