Hip Hop Samples Galore! Scorpio61s Sample Mixes…

Scorpio61 Prod, black, small I just finished loading up the back catalog of Scorpio61’s sample mixes… This is a VAST amount of music and hip hop sample info to process and cannot be done in one sitting… Well over 2000 tracks, just asking to be sampled. 52 mixes in total, most having between 25-35 songs each.

Special thanks to Scorpio for putting in all the work over the years with these mixes…

For the full catalog of  mixes and tracklists click here…

About Jim Bond

Jim Bond is a good dude, veteran Hip Hop producer & has been helping producers out in one way or another for over 10 years. He is also the creative mastermind behind such illustrious sites as Kicksandsnares.com , SaturdayMorningSamples.com & Beabetterproducer.com!

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  1. Oh good lord too damn sweet! Excellent collection! Many thanks Jim and Scorpio61. Just a heads up number 42 is currently not linking: http://www.beabetterproducer.com/our-team/scorpio61/scorpio61s-sam%E2%80%A642-ost-edition/ and 36 is linking to 35’s mp3: http://www.beabetterproducer.com/our-team/scorpio61/scorpio61s-samplemix-vol-36/

  2. SCREW THIS, it’s way too easy! I won’t to work for my samples. Let’s not turn this whole thing into Hip Hop Ejay LOL….Ok i dl the first one and boom first beat is a sample I already heard (Ghostface beat ).

    Good looking out..i just don’t see why you’re sharing them, I would keep everything for me!!!

    • The mixes go less into the “sampled already” theme as they go higher up. As far as sharing them go, Shorpio has been sharing them, thats why he does it. And remember, its rarely “what you sample” and more often “how you sample it”!

  3. Good lookin’ out JB!!!! These samples are classic!! DP in the building!

  4. If I may add: a lot of the samples you have already heard (like the Ghostface Killah one, on the first mix) was in my mixes before some producer sampled it and made it more known.

  5. Scorpio61, I must admit, I kinda love you. No homo. Kinda.

  6. They’re all 128kbps so kinda not great for actually sampling. But at least they’re educational.

  7. i dont wanna sound stupid…but when i click the download links it brings me to a quicktime player…is there an actual download folder somewhere?

  8. You are the greatest person of all time. Thank you very much for this.

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