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The OFFICIAL Rules Of Labeling Mp3′s!


I thought it would be a great idea to iron out a simple format, so whenever you send a track to some A&R, artist, manager, etc, you will make it as simple as possible for them to track you down when they want your music…  Believe it or not, a good percentage of producers/artists/managers send out mp3’s that make it very difficult to track them down.  So with no further delay, The OFFICIAL Rules Of Labeling Mp3’s!

Rule #1:

Include your name

Whatever name you want to be in the credits of whatever album you want to get on, should be in the file name.

Rule #2:

Include Your e-mail

Just because you emailed the beat to whoever, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t go into their gmail and just download 1000 beats and dump them into an ipod.  Don’t make them go through all of those gmails just to find your track!

Rule #3:

Include Your Phone Number

It’s great getting phone calls from people that want your music.  Give them that opportunity. Don’t forget the area code…

Rule #4:

Include Something To Identify That Particular Beat/Song

It helps to name your tracks, just so moving forward there is something that can be used to identify the track.  Otherwise whoever wants the track is going to have to beatbox it to you, which can be entertaining but is a nuisance.

Here is an example of a perfectly formated mp3 file…

So there it is.  Simple, short and to the point.  There is no doubt in my mind that over the years, people have lost out on placements, money and deals just because they didn’t properly label their music and could never be tracked down.  If you follow these rules, that will never happen to you.

Currently there are "23 comments" on this Article:

  1. Gugulethu says:

    haha Damn right brother Jim people may take this light but it does happen, more especially the area code. When sending your music to a label owner they more likely to call you because a phone call is more personal than an email.

    Cheers Brother Jim.

  2. Golden, 1000 thank you’s my dude.

  3. Hahaha Imma stop naming my beats just to hear someone beat box.

  4. CySo says:

    LOL, wish i woulda read this before I sent hella beats off this morning, lol.

  5. HB says:

    How long should mp3s be ?

  6. ian charlton says:

    what’s your take on adding vocal tags to these tracks as well, Jim? thanks for your time in advance…

  7. Kaztrovel says:

    Hey Jim how long should the beat be? Whole song or something like a minute and 30 second snippet??

  8. Great advice, you nail it on the head on just about EVERY subject. Thank you

  9. jclaud says:

    What about meta data..(Such as Mp3 tag) Ive been using artwork that displays my contact info as well as putting the same info in “Artist” “Album” etc…I’m still going to do what you suggested also though..Better safe than sorry

  10. Bama Boys Ent says:

    I want to take it a step further. Suppose someone contacts you and is interested in a beat. Generally, how should you expect the conversation to go? Will the interested party discuss production fees? Should the producer make a counter offer? How do you protect yourself from losing out on royalties if the beat makes it onto an album instead of a free mixtape? I just need to be prepared when the time comes.

  11. Phami says:

    It’s a nice post but what if I live in Hungary which is in Europe. Since mostly we have atleasta 6 hr difference in time, is that a good idea to leave my phone number? Because I would but damn, you know international call and the timezone.

  12. dr. popycock says:

    this post is dope and informative thanks jimbond

  13. hunkE says:

    Isn’t a phone number a little redundant if you’ve already included the email?

    And what about BPM? Sheet I shoulda just kept my mouth shut 😉

    • Jim Bond says:

      Nah it’s not. If someone really wants a track and wants to talk $, they aren’t gonna do it through email. And not once has anyone ever asked me for the bpm of one of my track. Couldn’t hurt to add it though. It costs nothing.

  14. ROC says:

    Are they only accepting Hip hop beats only ? I do everything. Some of my best tracks are Full pop songs.. some are full hip hop beats. I can imagine hip hop since its slaughterhouse.

  15. Espen O says:

    Besides labeling your mp3`s like this post and sending your basic info(phone,email,producername) with the beats in the email.

    Is there anything else you think would be smart to incorperate in the email?

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