Kanye West Sued For Sampling…?

Bound Ponderosa TwinsKanye West has been sued for sampling the Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s “Bound (To Love)”.   The lawsuit was brought on by Ricky Spicer, the lead singer of the Ponderosa Twins crew.  Although the song was written by Bobby Massey and Bobby Dukes, according to the Cleveland Challenger, the publishing rights are owned by Chuck Brown Sr., owner of Astroscope Records, the label Bound was originally released on.

As we all know, because we read  “Everything You Need To Know About Sampling”, if Mr. Spicer does not own the publishing rights, for him to have any say in court, he must own the master recordings.

I find it very difficult to believe a 12 year old child who was discovered in an orphanage talent show would be able to wrestle the master recording rights from a veteran label owner.  If so, more power to the then music business prodigy, if not this looks like another frivolous lawsuit aimed at a famous performer.

Lets keep an eye on this and see how it develops…

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  1. Everyone is just after a quick buck, it just going to keep getting harder and harder for sample based producers

  2. Just work the sample better by pitching it up or down or chopping up up or whatever.. You can discguise it and get away with it easily.. Unless your on major labels.. haha!

  3. Kanye is fucking lazy with his sampling, what did he add to the sample? nothing
    I wonder how much this cost him, the days of this sort of sampling are long gone imo.

  4. Wow I would’ve thought Kanye would have had this cleared since it’s such an obvious sample and he has the highest profile of pretty much any rapper or producer.


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