How To Write A Production Invoice…

I got a good question from a reader named Anthony yesterday.  He wanted to know how to write up an invoice for beat sales.   For those of you that don’t know, generally when you sell a track the first step in the process is sending over an invoice to the company or person who is buying the track from you.   An invoice is not any sort of binding contract.  It’s just an official request for your money and/or whatever compensation you are getting for your music.   Here is an example of one of my invoices…

In an invoice, there are a few things you need…

  • A header with your company name, address and contact info.
  • The artist’s name.
  • The product you are selling to them.
  • Your name (Both government and your stage name if you have one)
  • Who you emailed, faxed or handed the invoice to.
  • Who submitted the invoice to whoever received it (You, your manager, your henchman, etc.)
  • What payment is to be made.  If the payment is split into a “front end” and “back end” payments, say so.  If it’s just one lump sum, say so.  If it’s a night with the artist’ s wife, say so.
  • Let them know who to cut the check to, if there is a check involved.  Or other pertinent payment info.

That’s pretty much it.   This is how I’ve done my invoices over the years.  It’s pretty simple.  Click the link below to download my invoice and make whatever changes you need…

Download The Invoice Here!


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  1. Useful information. This will give many ideas of what to expect when sending or receiving an invoice. A no-brainer here.

  2. Thanks for this tip and the many more that I’ve read on this site. I owe you one!

  3. Thanks for this useful information! *thumbs_up*

  4. Very useful. I have a question that relates to this: Your company name. What do you need to officially have say, a beat making company? A business license? Something around those lines? Thanks in advance.

    • Technically, you don’t need anything. You can sell a beat just using your gov’t name. But you should really set up a corporation. Setting up a corporation gives you various protections and benefits you don’t have as an individual. My accountant recommended I set up an S-Corp for various reasons, so that’s what I have set up.

  5. Well thanks for the help just the same! Very much appreciated!

  6. in the artist name section, should it be there govt. or stage name ? Thanks In Advance

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