How To Place Beats: Networking to “Bright Lights Big City”

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A bunch of people have been asking me how I placed the “Bright Lights Big City” track with Jim Jones.  It was pretty easy actually.  I Didn’t need a grand scheme or plan (which has worked for me before).    I’ll try to make this sound as  interesting as possible… but its really not.  This is a straight forward example of how real networking pays off.

A short while after I first decided to take a shot at breaking into the biz, I came across Dynamic Producer.  After attending my first DP event, I met Felisha Booker (DP’s Founder).  Felisha liked my music & respected my grind.  It didn’t take long for us to develop a great relationship.  Felisha eventually introduced me to young man working at Warner Music Group named Walt.  Walt and I also developed a great relationship.  Walt helped me and other DP members get some placements & generally looked out for us and our music.   A few years passed and Jim Jones was given an executive position at Atlantic Records (which is under the Warner Music umbrella).  Walt and Jim were working together on a daily basis.  Jim was also working on his next album for Koch Records.  So naturally there would be times when Walt would be in the studio with Jim.  I never specifically asked him, but I am pretty sure that Walt had his binder with the CD’s of tracks from the producers he likes & played Jim some of my tracks.  Jim liked one.  I get a call from Walt telling me that Jim wanted the track & the rest is history.

That right there is the power of networking.  At the time, I had no idea Walt was even playing my stuff for Jim Jones.   But since Walt is a good dude and we had that relationship, it paid off.  This is definitely something to consider when you are spending big bucks on music submission sites.  The person to person relationships are what really matters in the music biz, especially for the LONG TERM.   Consider taking some of that money and flying/driving/canoeing out to an industry event and meeting some real people.

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  1. Damn you read my mind Jim, I’m canoeing to NY for the DP conference this year. Kinda hard to do down the highway tho, but thats what the grind is all about…………….i think.

  2. Great to know the story Jim, thanks for sharing! I can say that this kind of networkin works also in Spain and I’m sure that in the whole world.

  3. You are a part of a handful of guys that share information. I respect that and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  4. Jim,

    I have some money to spend on an industry event in the fall. Any recommendations?

  5. They cant sue ya ass for using a sample o.O

  6. i think you should hear some of my tracks i rap and sing.

  7. I agree networking is the Key when get a chance check out

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