How To Find Music Submission Opportunities On Twitter!

Have you ever wanted to know how to find people to send your music to on Twitter?  Look no further.  Through the power of the most powerful search engine in the world, aka Google, you can easily find the latest and greatest music submission opportunities on Twitter.  Keep reading for the details…

First thing first, you need to understand a few simple Google search tricks that will help you refine your results…

#1 Searching within a specific site

This first tip will allow you to choose a particular site (in this case Twitter) and receive search results ONLY from that site.  In order to do this you must type “site:” then the domain you want to search immediately after it…



#2 Phrase search

The next step is to add a “phrase search” to your search.  When you add quotes to a group of words in Google, you are telling Google to consider the exact words in that exact order without any change.  So in our case, we can add phrases like “send beats”, “send tracks”, “your best beats”, etc.  Think of phrases nobody would use, unless they wanted some music…



#3 Refining your search with the  *wildcard

This last step is very useful for broadening your search results.  When you place a * in your search phrase, Google trats the star as a placeholder for any unknown term or terms and finds the best matches for them.  So if you search for “send * beats”, you will get results like “send me beats”, “send your best beats”, “send more beats”, etc…



#4 Getting the most recent search results

This final tip will help you get the most up to date results.  AFTER you search, you can click on “More search tools” , on the left side of the search results.  This will open up options to show results which have popped up over the last 24 hours, week, month, year, or whichever time period you want to search through.

The power of Google search

With these tips you are well on your way to finding the latest submission opportunities.  The thing that is great about this, is that Google automatically sifts the results in order of importance.  So pages that are links to higher profile (aka more famous) Twitter accounts usually come up first.  On the opposite spectrum, artists such as “Lil Skittz” and “Light Skin Lou”, will be towards the end of the results.  Google can be a great ally for your e-grind.  Try thinking outside of the box and maybe you can find some more opportunities outside of twitter…   hmmmm……..


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  1. Mr. StraightFire

    I knew about those google tricks, but I NEVER thought on doing it to search for submissions on Twitter. Like an idiot I would use the Twitter search engine which is..not really good compared to Google.

    Cool post

  2. please show us more secrets,

    which format do artists want, mp3, or wav , 24bit or 32 , 44100hz or 48000hz?,
    or the unprocessed singe files ?

    should i copyright my beats before sending them my stuff ?

  3. This is a wonderful post ..will share a link to this on my site 🙂 Thanks much…I’ve searched.. “send beats to” plenty of times but
    I never knew searches could be that specific

  4. Thanks for the great tips. It can be hard to remember all the little tricks to using searches properly and Twitter can be a bit overwhelming, at least for me. Haven’t used Google searches for more than basic web stuff. After reading this, I am going to learn to use it better. Jim Bond is right though, copy writing is essential unless you want some poseur making money off your own hard work.

  5. Audio Mastering and Production

    Wow, this is some pretty good info, I will have to pass this to some of my clients which in fact is so helpful, which of course we all here to help…

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