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Free Hip Hop Drums From Jim Bond!


If you haven’t heard yet, we took over the popular drum sound site Kicksandsnares.com

So in an effort to show you what sort of drum sounds we provide at Kicksandsnares, we have made two separate drum kits available to you.

Click the link below to download some drum sounds which are ACTUALLY free. You don’t need to give us an email or anything else, just download the kit and use the sounds. This kit contains sounds taken directly from every drum kit we currently sell at Kicksandsnares.  We are confident that you will like the sounds so much you will come back for more…


If you happen to enjoy, love or even want to enter the friend zone with these sounds & you would also like another exclusive drum kit with more great sounds… Then enter your email below, joint our mailing list & we will send you the exclusive kit!


  • GO

    Where’s The Link??

  • Tobe Bryant

    Good shit. Kinda stingy with the amount of sounds though…

  • Jaay Peso

    @Tobe Bryant its just a sample of the full kit. I believe he’s gonna be selling the full kits. I DL’d but havent listened yet. I’ll be sure to come comment when I do. Shouts to the homie Jim Bond.

  • Steeze

    just skimmed through the kit and i gotta say its alright, i probobly wouldnt use any of the sounds tho…thats just my opinion

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com admin

      All good. Trying to figure out what the people want though, so let me know!

  • llamo

    u know what “instantly” means right?

  • http://www.mrboyd.net Mr Boyd

    Great sounds. They cut through nicely. Good luck JB

  • 119

    I was a/b’ing them with some sounds I like a lot. They definitely stand up well. Just have to put them to use in a track.

  • Fortified Classik

    Is that your studio?

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      Unfortunately not lol. Thats the B room at Baseline studios in NYC

  • Z. Brazil

    Way too generic…

  • Da R Star

    What I liked the most was the length of the samples, because WAY too many drum kits have sounds that just cut way too early. That’s the most important thing for me, make sure you always let the sound ride.

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      Man… I can’t believe how much of the bullshit floating around has reverb trails that just cut off all crazy…

  • http://www.pmpworldwide.com/Frost-Gamble Frost Gamble

    I’ve tried 2xs now but have not received the download link……

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      Check your spam filter. I just tested it again and it seems to be working fine.

      • http://www.pmpworldwide.com/Frost-Gamble Frost Gamble

        Still no good. Not spam filter, not sure what’s up…

        • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

          I emailed them to you…

  • http://jonwestmusic.com Jon West

    I thought they were pretty good for source drums. I’d like to see a really good kick package. I’m always telling peso I need some good kicks but good source kicks are so hard to find. You know the kind that knock at least. Nothing but kicks. Maybe packages entirely devoted to one drum. I’d love to hear some really good quality processed snares, stacked and layered. I purchased mike chav’s drum package and It sounded like He didn’t take his time in making the kit. Not knocking him because he’s super talented and his videos and info are priceless but I paid 80 bucks for his drum and guitar package and i was really disappointed. So I’d say put up some beats where you used the drums in the kit with some tags over it so I can get an idea of what I’m buying. Usually the beat uses all the good drums and the rest suck (as in chav’s kit) so please go hard and do it right if you’re gonna do it. I think what you’re doing is great. I really liked the samples and thought they were good quality. Bless.

    ~ Jon West


  • http://www.bobbyruckuss.com Bobby Ruckuss

    I used the shaker of the kit in my beat in my autoplayer right now (on my Soundclick page). The shaker sort of ended up inspiring the beat. It’s very clean and crispy. The rest of the sounds didnt float my boat…but the shaker shows promise that there will at least be some “gems” in there. Looking forward to trying you out when you get it going. Snares gotta be more on point though…those are the most important. Most kicks sound great if you compress the hell of them, but snares require more detailed attention to become “perfect”. Still can’t wait to hear.

  • Cheez Da Producer

    I downloaded these at work on Friday and forgot abou them until today. I can honestly say I like how these drums. As soon as I got them into my MP I had a track going. I really like the kicks and snare #2. The shakers are good too. I really like the way they cut through. Just finished up my first track with the kit and about to start the next. Nice kit overall though.

  • Brownrice

    I have sampled beautiful, classic, american, hand made, famous namebrand, 7 ply maple Trap Sets, and real wood Afro-Cuban and Brasilian percussian instruments, played by the Masters and used in live performances in the best venues and studios in NY.

    Anyone who likes your noise has never heard or played real drums or percussion. There are a few true musicians out there, that know the real music, and they are the ones that work for the best producers, Like BR…

  • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

    Check your spam folder. Or just contact me through the contact section here & i’ll manually send it to you.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/thasherlok ThA SherLoK

    i clicked on the link but the file couldnt decompress. Ive tried it a few times. Any ideas?

  • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

    And dont forget to check your spam filter.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJGunslingerZ Amir

    Cant get the Drum sounds ?

  • http://www.switchingitup.blogspot.com Fresh

    Hey could you please send it to me? kwamehollins(at)gmail.com

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      Sent em

  • carlox

    how i can get this drumkit

  • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

    Due to massive amounts of spamming, we have added a confimation email to this process. When you confirm your email, you will receive the drums. This will subscribe you to our mailing list (we send no more than 2 emails out a month). Sorry about that.

  • Doc

    Im booking forwad to this, the feedback seems good. I just discovered this site and am diggin it

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      Did you check your spam box?

      • Stretch

        I’m having the same issue…no confirmation sent to email address or the email address spam folder.

  • mike millz

    Still no download link… Checked my spam folder too.

    • http://www.beabetterproducer.com Jim Bond

      For some reason it’s just not working with certain people… Email me your email & i’ll send them over…

  • Dj Baybs

    Can you send me the drums???

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