Frank Dukes Beat Making Video… BABP Exclusive!

dukesToday we have an exclusive video of Frank Dukes (Producer for 50 Cent, Drake, Rza, etc) doing some beat making.  This was actually filmed the day of the Frank Dukes Interview  from a while back, but for various reasons never got a chance to be edited & pieced together.

I brought some 45’s to the interview and asked Dukes if he could make a beat if he liked one of them.  He did. Gotta give him credit for being put on the spot like that.  He actually didn’t like the beat (compared to the other stuff he played me, I fully understand why) & never finished it.  But it’s still great seeing the raw beat making process…

I was trying to keep a balance of not making this too long vs. showing the creative flow.  I think I got a good balance without the vid being too long.  Let me know what you think, cus I will be making more of these videos in the near future…

Click the link below for the youtube vid…


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  1. Frank Dukes is awesum on the beat making tip….

  2. I never heard of Frank Dukes but he sounds like a good producer. I thought his beat was kinda hot

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